«Critical Monday» au NeighborHub – Some distributed governance systems, like Holacracy®, break down the one-job-per-person rule and allow employees to energize multiple roles throughout the organisation.

This decoupling of roles and souls brings opportunities as well as challenges for the individuals and the organisation. More than ever, motivation and alignment of personal and organisation purposes come into play. Even if you have a "single job", chances are high that it turns out to be a mix of responsibilities, and thus a mix of roles.

During that meetup, we propose to:
* refresh our understandings of what motivation is and how it works
* learn about how multiple-roles systems work
* discover concrete cases (challenges and benefits) from Liip (3y of Holacracy practice)
* discover a few practices to manage ones many roles

The meeting will be in English or French, depending of the wishes of the people attenting!

When: Monday 8th of October 2018, 18.30-20.30

Where: NeighborHub, blueFACTORY

Information & registration