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at blueFACTORY Fribourg Switzerland (NeighborHub)

This is a series of creation-processes for inter cantonal/national artists, scientists and others interested in exploring the thematic field of "artistic ecologies" and sharing their investigations in one way or another. In response to climate change, artists and arts festivals are increasingly addressing environmental issues and creating a new market for eco-works. Based on this exponential tendency, this residency program is aimed in particular at people who create new cycles, streams or logics and thus form "artificial" ecologies with an artistic approach. These residencies are supposed to allow and enforce such engagements and inspire the local community. 

The investigations are intended to question our conflicts between nature and culture, between digital and analogue or personal and global. This can lead to new hybrid systems, landscapes, devices and/or experiences - or to a so-called second nature! 

Picture of the main page: https://outernationale.memoryoftheworld.org/John%20Danaher/Automation%20...(10050)/Automation%20and%20Utopia_%20Human%20Fl%20-%20John%20Danaher.pdf / More information on the FREE LIBRARY: https://www.memoryoftheworld.org/blog/2014/12/08/public_library_fighting...


13.9. - 31.10.2020 XOCOLAT (Fribourg)


Le DOME est un espace technique de projections 360 ° (full dome) et d’amplification sonore immersive, à l’intérieur d’une coupole de 7 mètres de diamètre. L’espace sera équipé entre le mois de novembre et décembre 2020 pour être actif au début de 2021. L’espace et les moyens techniques seront mis à disposition d’artistes locaux et étrangers, pour la recherche ainsi que pour présenter des créations ou des projets en cours, au public. La relation avec l’Un learning Center de blueFACTORY permettra de créer un dialogue, une dynamique et un réseau autour des nouvelles technologies immersives et des réflexions sur la nature de la réalité et sa perception, les narratives linéaires et les narratives circulaires, l’espace du public/utilisateur (performances interactives). Le DOME accueillera également le développement de REVES, un projet pour tout âge, centré sur la perception de la réalité, la vision du monde d’orient à occident, et la mise en lumière du lien entre réalité et langage, dans la découverte des idéogrammes chinois (voir dossier annexé). 

Le DOME se propose comme un espace qui permet une circulation concrètement circulaire des énergies, une mise à disposition de structures et moyens technologiques au sein d’un espace d’accueil, une maison, où expérimenter et partager, avec d’autres artistes ou avec un public de tout âge. C’est un espace où le micro se reflète dans le macro et vice versa: un petit monde dans notre univers qui se déploie au delà des limites de la coupole. On exploite la curiosité et la créativité, pour rêver, ou entraîner les ses sens au delà des limites. La réalité virtuelle est entendue non pas comme une réalité “en effet”, mais “d’effets” et, en temps que telle, elle fait partie de notre réalité et de nos outils créatifs. DOME est donc aussi un lieu où apprendre à apprivoiser la technologie, la comprendre, à en comprendre les limites et le potentiel.

Le DOME et REVES sont une idée de Xocolat, association fribourgeoise pour la mobilité de la créativité. (Manuela Bernasconi, Felix Bachmann Quadros)


24.2. - 4.3.2020 LA FORESTA collective (Berlin)


Foresta Collective are people taking care of and contributing to the forest of La Foresta.  It's not a fixated and defined but a fluid entity in the process of continuous ‘becoming’ and ‘becoming with’. As a real forest does, La Foresta too is relentlessly evolving and growing into itself, transforming through meaningful encounters. Our field of action can be mapped as emergent transversalities between artistic, curatorial and educational practices. We research subjects we care about and write about them, we invite people into beyond-disciplinary events, as well as learning experiences. New approaches to work and education, to creativity and arts, human relationality and togetherness, transdisciplinary practices and embodied intelligence — these are the core subjects at the heart of our interests and the work we do. Finding new forms of those are the key elements in making space for a more sustainable society to emerge, that is inspiring people to live and develop in their plurality being part of Earth's ecosystems and cherishing all life forms on this planet.

THE RESULT (so far...): http://www.laforesta.co/sound (exhibition will follow in June 2020)


18. - 16.11.2019 Michael David Mitchell & Jonathon Keats (Lausanne / USA)

Michael and Jonathan are investigating river systems: The Swiss River Time Initiative (SRTI) combines scientific research and public art to probe and reveal the environmental impact of phenomena such as glacier melt on aquatic systems and people’s lives. A timely art project that is deeply informed by science and designed to generate scientific data, the SRTI promises to increase understanding of climate change and augment citizens’ reemerging relationship with their rivers as society begins to contend with the Anthropocene.


Fluvial Time Workshop
La Sarine River

Lead by artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats in collaboration with the cultural management blueFACTORY, made possible thanks to: Ville de Fribourg

Standard time is measured on atomic clocks, providing a technical basis for global transactions. Might local rivers be more meaningful timekeepers? Might their ebb and flow encourage us to nurture our environment and the relationships that matter most? In this outdoor workshop on La Sarine, experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats will guide participants through the process of making an annual river calendar based on careful observation and documentation of fluvial phenomena.

When: Saturday 23 November, 2pm to 4pm, Meeting point: in front of the Café de l'Ange! 

We will start at the river and then move to a café to keep warm. 

Confirm attendance: write an email to michael.david.mitchell@protonmail.com

What to bring: Warm clothes and perhaps waterproof boots to wade into the Sarine. We will provide the necessary materials for the workshop.

Language: The workshop will be held in English but someone will be there to help explain in French as well. 

Detailed Description:

Participants in this workshop will be invited to create annual calendars based on their firsthand observation of the Sarine River. Each person will document qualities of the waterway that he or she considers characteristic of the Sarine in the month of November, such as the level and color of the water. The participant’s observations – which may be recorded in any medium, from watercolor painting to musical notation to written language – will fill one leaf in a twelve-page diary that the participant will craft using paper and thread. The page will be marked with the month the observations were made. River diaries will be independently completed over the next year by returning in successive months and making observations of the same fluvial phenomenon, documenting its annual cycle in a dozen discrete stages.

In future years, the booklet will serve as a personal standard for reckoning time by comparing the river to diary pages, finding the closest match, and reading the month in which the observation was made. Changes in environmental conditions will result in a discrepancy between the Gregorian and fluvial calendar. People will have the opportunity to prioritize the environment by acknowledging fluvial months as a new time standard and synchronizing their lives to it.

Note: For those who live outside of Fribourg, the workshop will serve as an introduction to a technique they can apply on their own local waterway.


1. - 16.10.2019 Ecofreaks (Zurich / Berlin)

Le collectif d'artistes de Zurich/Berlin s'occupe d'art et de produits durables pour un monde durable. Les bénéfices de la vente de baskets écologiques sont reversés à des campagnes artistiques en faveur de l'environnement. Ces actions font l'objet d'une tournée européenne avec un bus qui sera converti en un nouveau système de motorisation sur le site de blueFACTORY. 

Das Künstlerkollektiv aus Zürich/Berlin setzt sich mit Kunst und nachhaltigen Produkten für eine zukunftsfähige Welt auseinander. Der Profit durch den Verkauf von ökologisch konzipierten Turnschuhen fliesst in Kunstaktionen für die Umwelt. Diese Aktionen gehen auf Europa-Tour mit einem Bus, der in der blueFACTORY auf ein neues Antriebssystem umgebaut wird.

OPEN TO PUBLIC: 16. Oktober 2019 - 17h



///  If you are intersted to apply, please send your application to: culture@bluefactory.ch