01.10.2019 - 29.02.2020 | Artistic Ecologies





October 2019 - February 2020 

blueFACTORY Fribourg Switzerland 


This is a series of creation-processes for inter cantonal/national artists, scientists and others interested in exploring the thematic field of "artistic ecologies" through art and sharing their investigations in one way or another. In response to climate change, artists and arts festivals are increasingly addressing environmental issues and creating a new market for eco-works. Based on this exponential tendency, this residency program is aimed in particular at people who create new cycles, streams or logics and thus form "artificial" ecologies with an artistic approach. These residencies are supposed to allow and enforce such engagements and inspire the local community. 


The investigations are intended to question our conflicts between nature and culture, between digital and analogue or personal and global. This can lead to new hybrid systems, landscapes, devices and/or experiences - or to a so-called second nature! 


1. - 16.10. Ecofreaks (Zurich/ Berlin): 

Le collectif d'artistes de Zurich/Berlin s'occupe d'art et de produits durables pour un monde durable. Les bénéfices de la vente de baskets écologiques sont reversés à des campagnes artistiques en faveur de l'environnement. Ces actions font l'objet d'une tournée européenne avec un bus qui sera converti en un nouveau système de motorisation sur le site de blueFACTORY. 

Das Künstlerkollektiv aus Zürich/Berlin setzt sich mit Kunst und nachhaltigen Produkten für eine zukunftsfähige Welt auseinander. Der Profit durch den Verkauf von ökologisch konzipierten Turnschuhen fliesst in Kunstaktionen für die Umwelt. Diese Aktionen gehen auf Europa-Tour mit einem Bus, der in der blueFACTORY auf ein neues Antriebssystem umgebaut wird.

OPEN TO PUBLIC: 16. Oktober 2019 - 17h


// An Open Call is open until end of October. Please write a short letter with the idea of your investigation and a link that leads to your recent work(s) to culture@bluefactory.ch.

Accommodation: NeighborHub (solar house).

Payment: 1000 Swiss francs / week

Duration: 1-4 weeks