01.09.2020 - 20.09.2020 | POST LOCK DOWN EXHIBITION

Photo1: Coronavirus street art by Anastasia Belyaeva. Photo courtesy of the artist. / Photo2: : Skiing-adventure by Philipp Klein Herrero


OPEN CALL for a post lock-down exhibition! Any interest to show and share your creative work ?

Martin Schick, blueFACTORY cultural manager, and Carolina Beovic, Doctoral assistant at FAR EPFL, are conceptualizing a post lock-down exhibition to show some creative works (writing, drawing, photography, cooking recipes, etc.) made by blueFACTORY residents during this time of crisis.


Looking for a sunny side during uncertain times, an isolation process can lead into a creative outburst. 

We would like to gather and exhibit the works of the blueFACTORY residents, not created on purpose, but rather as a personal creative outlet. Contributions can range from paintings, crafts, collections, to writings, photography, cooking recipes, concepts, funny ideas created by you or your family members during the quarantine.  

The aim of the exhibition is to meet with peers in a different scenario, as creators,  to reconnect after this enforced period of collective -or simultaneous- introspection.


Any interest to show your work? If so, please contact Carolina Beovic, doctoral assistant at EPFL, Smart Living Lab! Most probably, this exhibition will be happening in September 2020 in the Espace Multiculturel at blueFACTORY (exact time and place to be confirmed!).